Milk Vending Machine

Technical Specification
  • Material : SS 304/316
  • Size : 100 - 1,000 Ltr
  • Shape & Orientation : Vertical cylindrical open type
  • Type of refrigerant : R22/R-404
  • Type of insulation : By injection – CFC Free High density PUF, 40 kg/cu.m
  • Insulation Efficiency : At 50deg.C ambient, the rate of rise of mean temperature of milk initially at 4deg.C shall not exceed 1deg.C in 4 hours when rated volume is allowed to standstill as per requirement of ISO 5708 2A(II)


Milk Vending Machine Manufacturers

We are leading industry in Milk Vending Machine. Arumand Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. Vending Machines has customer reliable compamy. Combining storage, refrigeration and dispensing in accurate quantities, our machines are compact and can be placed at various outlets for selling loose milk. These vending machines are readily available in storage capacities of 100, 200, 300 and 500 liters it can be customized for bigger storage capacities and also for multiple milk dispensing.

Milk Vending Machine Price

Arumand Steel is the leading brand of Milk Vending Machine Manufacturers. We are manufacturing the machine which is definitely an important equipment used to vend the machine. As nowadays life has become so fast and busy that people do not have time daily to invest in going to the dairies and wait to get the milk. So, our Milk Vending Machine Price has bought up a new change to manage the milk delivery easily. These vending machines are made up of the stainless steel in order to make it more worthy to be used for the storing of food consumption material. These vending machines are designed through our team of expert and trained professionals with a net weight of approximately 200kg and a filling accuracy.

Automatic Milk Vending Machine

These Automatic Milk Vending Machines are manufactured and designed to make an ambient temperature of 4 degree Celsius. We are using the insulation material of PUF in order to preserve the milk from spoiling. These vending machines are made with the storage capacity of approximately 250 liters. These vending machines are designed with the electronic push button to dispense the milk in a certain quantity. The buttons for quantity are separately located on the machines which will help in measuring the quantity dispensed.

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Milk Vending Machine

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We are engaged in offering a wide range of Bulk Cooler for Milk to customers at market rates.

Milk Vending Machine

We are leading of Milk Vending Machine Manufacturers in storage capacities of 100 - 500 ltr.

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Milk Pasteurization Machine is primarily used to make products safe to drink, increase milke life.

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